• You Gotta See To Be It: Interview w/ Compound LB on Radical Empathy Issue 2.0


  • More a Cosmology than a Catrography on Gallery Platform LA


    Curated by Ana Iwataki

    "With the twenty artists of this project, I have engaged in a meandering through Los Angeles, a city disguised by the narrative become trope that it is always already a fiction. Our current fiction is a necessary one, as we’ve been reflecting on Los Angeles while moving through it hardly at all. This city is a remembered one, one that we fear will be disappeared and replaced by the time we can immerse ourselves in it again. It's at once highly individualized and diffused, dreamed up from within our homes, both more vulnerable and more imaginative than the totalizing fiction of a map."

  • NPR Picture Show: An LA Native Drives Us Through His Hometown — Using Google Street View


    "The sun shines as Felix Quintana cruises through South Central Los Angeles. He's always been inspired by what he sees out of his car window, from the strip malls to the street vendors. "I love the hustle," he says. "The hand-painted signs, the swap meets, the people making money washing windshields."

    But those moments can fly by. And his ongoing series of cyanotypes make us pause on the often overlooked Angelenos who work and live in the less glitzy, more gritty neighborhoods of LA County."

  • Existence and Resistence: Photographer Felix Quintana Chronicles the LA Beautiful Landscape


    "To visually document Los Angeles is an intimidating and seemingly impossible task. The city has an incomparable sprawling landscape. Each block has its own story. Each neighborhood has its own culture and people. To sincerely capture the buildings, the familiar faces and businesses that built the community, the sounds and smells of the city’s streets, takes an instinctual eye and inherent wherewithal of the LA urban landscape. Photographer and multidisciplinary artist, Felix Quintana, captures the Angeleno spirit with genuine honesty in his series of cyanotype prints entitled Los Angeles Blueprints — at the root of the series lies two of Quintana’s creative practices, photography and drawing."

    published by Amadeus Magazine, Feburary 25th 2020

  • Felix F. Quintana: Los Angeles Blueprints @ SOMARTS, SF


    SOMArts, 934 Brannan Street
    Los Angeles Blueprints

    In his newest body of work, Felix F. Quintana highlights the often-unseen working-class individuals that navigate through Los Angeles. He creates Los Angeles Blueprints at the root of photography and drawing, employing the cyanotype photographic printing process to create an emotional blueprint of the Angeleno, working-class, and migrant experience. Each print is hand-scribed with a velocity of line movement, revealing diverse layers of place, identity, and self within the LA urban landscape. Quintana hybrid approach to image-making allows for a narrative amongst people of color — policemen, street vendors, sex workers, and street hustlers to emerge. Despite the tense climate, Quintana’s subjects exist firmly in their world — as living proof of beauty and resistance amongst an atmosphere of conflict and struggle.

  • HOMEBASE Exhibition @ Residency Art Gallery

    Residency Art Gallery is beyond ecstatic to present HOMEBASE. This group exhibition will run from June 22nd through August 10th, 2019, with an opening reception that will take place on Saturday, June 22nd from 6pm to 9pm. HOMEBASE will feature work from Noah Humes, Kathie Foley-Meyer, Ramiro Gomez Jr., Alfonso Gonzalez Jr., Patrick Martinez, Star Montana, Noe Olivas, Devon Tsuno, Raymundo T. Reynoso (EYEONE) and Felix Quintana.

    For all intents and purposes, HOMEBASE serves as a love letter to Los Angeles. This exhibition’s endeavor is to draw attention to those stories of those Angelenos not seen in everyday media, as well as highlight unnoticed areas in our city. Stories such as homelessness, community, family and everyday struggles to just exist in a city with one of the largest wealth gaps in the United States. Participating artists were challenged to create works that aesthetically capture narratives, moments and settings that embody our internal, localized perception of this city we all love and call home. This exhibition came to fruition through Grand Park’s Our L.A. Voices, held in April of this year, in which Residency Art Gallery participated.


  • Group Exhibition: In Paper We Trust, The Dot Project, London, England UK (2017)

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    "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZK2qksaizj4|Interview with Felix Quintana|

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